Your Privacy Matters with Santor

Santor CEO, Alexandre Santos with Marlo Anderson at CES 2022

Marlo: Standing next to me is Alexander with Santor. Now these guys have a solution to maybe a lot of the security challenges that we have nowadays, right, especially with Google and your Alexa device in your house because they’re always on right? Isn’t that right?

Alexandre: Exactly. Well, if you start thinking before, there was microphones around us, but not a lot like today, so a lot of microphones are listening live. Like in all the IoT devices that come to market, they have a microphone built in. So technically, our device emits audible and non audible noises to disrupt the microphones.

Alexandre: We started with the UMG 52, that we renamed for the name of HARP . Which is the bigger model. And here at CES, we are here to show our Kickstarter new launch that we are doing for a smaller version, that it’s called the HARP mini, meaning the heart has two modes of protection. One is audible with personalized voice frequencies that you can add your own voice inside. And this is basically to make people not understand what you’re saying. So this is audible, you don’t want the people to hear what you’re saying, basically. So this is good for different scenarios. And the other mode, which is the discreet mode that we call, this is more like something that is above our hearing level, level of that we can hear with our ears basically.

Marlo: WhenI listen to this thing, it almost sounds like a Bluetooth, that’s too far away to listen to the music you’re trying to listen to. So you see hear little bits and pieces, but you really can’t make it out. This is kind of what this does. So are you thinking that you know, as you guys are getting started here with this, that this is more of a corporate type of thing? Or do you see this being used more in the household right now

Alexandre: The wars are no longer with firearms, it’s in economic wars. And when you start looking on the scale, like we see a lot of industrial espionage going on. So our bigger unit is a unit that is restricted that we sell only to governments. But the smaller unit, basically, we decided to come to offer privacy to everyone and to bring a solution that would be good for businesses, small startups to have a device like that, to prevent and to eventually reduce the risks of information leakage.

Marlo: Gotcha. I gotcha. So all right, so, look for Santor and you can get involved into the Kickstarter. I’m assuming you have a website as well.


Marlo: S A N T O So check this out everybody. Alexander, really appreciate you being here. At CES 2022, this is your “Guru of Geek” Marlo Anderson.

CEO, Alexandre Santos shows our “Guru of Geek” Marlo Anderson how to keep our spaces safe and private with Santor.

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