Beeyonder: Providing Virtual Tours for Seniors


Traveling is a passion that many people enjoy, but as we age, it can become more challenging to explore the world. Beeyonder is a virtual tour company that offers live and interactive virtual tours around the world with local qualified tour guides. In an interview with the Guru of Geek, Marlo Anderson, Camille Scannell from Beeyonder explained that they primarily target seniors aged 55 and above, providing them with equal access to travel opportunities.

Beeyonder currently offers 430 virtual experiences in over 60 countries, with local guides on the ground giving walking tours as if the tourists were there in person. Participants can ask questions and interact with the guides, making it a more engaging experience. Beeyonder’s focus on accessibility has made them a popular choice among seniors, especially those who are not able to travel in person due to health or mobility issues.

Camille shared a story of a client who was an avid traveler but had to stop due to age-related health issues. Taking virtual tours with Beeyonder allowed her to revisit destinations she had traveled to in the past and explore new ones she was never able to visit. The tour guides’ engaging personalities and highly trained skills in keeping participants engaged make the tours a worthwhile experience.

Beeyonder’s founder, Brittany Palmer, was inspired to create the company due to her own experience as a bilateral amputee with other disabilities that limit her travel options. Her mission with Beeyonder is to provide equal access to travel opportunities for everyone, regardless of their physical limitations.

If you’re interested in taking a virtual tour with Beeyonder, you can check out their experiences and book a tour with a local tour guide on their website. Beeyonder’s commitment to accessibility and equal access to travel opportunities makes them an excellent choice for seniors and anyone who loves to explore the world.

As Camille Scannell from Beeyonder said in the interview with Marlo Anderson, “We are all about accessibility, bringing equal access to travel opportunities.”

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