Flare Lantern Speaker by Nuvelon

Zak Francos with Marlo Anderson at CES 2022

Marlo: You’re out on your deck having a nice party with some friends over whatever musics an important part but it’s hard to hear through those little Bluetooth speakers. Zach has an answer for this.

Zak: So our solution for that is the new blonde flare speaker, indoor outdoor speaker. They have a 50 foot range between each other so you can connect it in each room of your home, put a couple on your patio and they’ll all sink accordingly to the master program.

Marlo: And how many of these can you think you can connect over 100 at a time, so I could cover my whole backyard? Absolutely.

Zak: And indoor outdoor so there’s IPX five ratings with with splashes, rain, things like that, but a couple around your pool just can’t go fully underwater. Okay, so what do they sound like? As you know Bluetooth speakers don’t really prioritize bass too much we take pride in our bass. So these are very basic Speaker What else has a crisp sound as well and not overwhelming base.

Marlo: Okay. Okay. And I see LED lighting so it adds some nice visual. Yeah,

Zak: there’s seven different color LEDs. As you can see right here, red, blue, cyan, yellow, green, purple, lavender, white, blue.

Marlo: This is amazing. They get a little handle on it as well. It’s easy to carry out to the carrier and hang up on like that’s exactly what I was thinking right? They see your lights and things that you have. What are they retail for?

Zak: So these are retailing on our website, new blonde, calm and on Amazon for about 139 99

Marlo: Okay, and they’re available now.

Zak: Yes, sir. available. Now we have one packs, two packs and four packs available.

Marlo: Then again, where do we find more information?

Zak: Nuvelon.com

Marlo: All right, thanks. This is your guru of geek Marlo Anderson at CES 2022.

Digital Sales and Marketing, Zak Francos introduces to our “Guru of Geek” Marlo Anderson Nuvelon’s new product the Flare Lantern Speaker.

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