Imprint in Colors with E-Mark

Christoph Skopek with Marlo Anderson at CES 2022

Marlo: Do you have maybe a package you want to send out and you want to have it marked with your logo on it, you know, and you don’t want to order 1000 boxes to make that happen. Maybe you have a party in your office that you want to maybe perhaps some printed napkins on, but you only need 25 of them. This is a great product to do that, isn’t it

Christoph: Correctly? This is our iimak which prints on all absorbing surfaces like cartons as you get explained.

Marlo: Yep. Yep. And so how does it work? Do you you program the printer with your smart device or your computer?

Christoph: Exactly you have we have apps on for the mobile phone for tablet as well for Windows PCs. And there you can design your imprint, whatever you’d like to bring, send it through wireless and bring it on all surfaces. This device can all has also a numbering function. So if you have for example certificates to mark one after each other, it’s numbering by its own and multiple colors as well. It’s a full color print with a three color cartridge inside. So up to 600 DPI

Marlo: print quality and are they available to the general public?

Christoph: They are already on the market available. Okay, you can buy it and they just go right to your website for that for sure. Yes There you find all the informations

Marlo: okay. This is your “Guru of Geek” Marlo Anderson at CES 2022.

Managing Director, Christoph Skopek impresses our “Guru of Geek” with E-mark a convenient and portable way to print!

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