Solve Your Remote Battery Problems with Nowi

Omar Link with Marlo Anderson at CES

Marlo: How many times you go like this with your remote control, and the TV doesn’t turn on the channel doesn’t switch? The volume doesn’t work because your battery is dead? Omar, I think you have a solution for this.

Omar: Yeah, that’s right. I’m from Norway. I’m as I’m the CEO of the semiconductor company, we make a chip actually a power management I see with energy harvesting features, a solve that problem, okay, we make a chip that is cheaper, smaller and simpler than the rest, in implementing and also cost effectiveness. And we can make basically any low power electronics with a battery that lasts about one year, we can make that in an indefinite lifetime.

Marlo: Amazing. So what really caught me was you had stated that how many times how many batteries as a person goes through like in a remote control the lifetime of it.

Omar: For remote control? I believe it’s 14 batteries or its entire lifetime. Yes.

Marlo: Interesting. So your solution is to put a solar panel on the remote control. And I know there’s other things too, but we’ll pick on this right away. That and that just will auto they automatically just trickle charge that battery that’s in there, and you never have to worry about it again. That’s That’s correct. That is very, very cool. What else have you been doing with low powered solar low power devices that you can utilize with solar?

Omar: Yeah, so remote controls is one. We’ve also targeted at electronic shelf labels, the Walmart has them. A lot of electronic stores, like Best Buy have these electronic shelf labels underneath the products. They are also all battery powered. And they will need to be changed as well. So these kinds of applications are for us very interesting, because they’re very cheap. And they have very low power, but they still need a little bit of power. So we look at those applications and see what is the source with the best amount or the most about the power available. And then we bring that to that application. How do we find out more about your company, you can best go to the websites now. E dash Okay, and there we have all kinds of reference designs about the connectivity partners, but also the remote controls, and all other applications.

Marlo: So in the future when you’re buying a remote control that has a solar powered or a solar cell on it. This is the guy that brought that to you. So really appreciate it. Yeah, thank you. This is your “Guru of Geek” Marlo Anderson at CES 2022.

COO and Co-founder, Omar Link provides a solution to our “Guru of Geek” Marlo Anderson’s remote battery problems.

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