The Importance of Hyper-Local Weather Information


Weather is an ever-present and vital aspect of our daily lives. Whether we are planning a day out with the family, tending to our gardens, or working in agriculture, weather information plays a significant role in making informed decisions. The accuracy and reliability of weather information can make a difference between a successful and profitable harvest or a complete loss. In this interview between Marlo Anderson, the Guru of Geek, and J.J. White, a representative of Ambient Weather, the importance of having hyper-local weather information is discussed.

Ambient Weather has been providing weather-related products and services since 1998. At one point, 70% of all weather stations were using their software or hardware to send data to the Weather Underground. This speaks to the reliability and accuracy of their products, which are used by both individuals and professionals alike.

One of the main advantages of hyper-local weather information is the ability to make informed decisions based on current weather conditions in your immediate location. Traditional weather reports and forecasts are typically based on data from a regional weather station that may not accurately represent the conditions in your specific area. This is where Ambient Weather’s products come into play. By providing hyper-local weather information, their products allow individuals and professionals to make decisions based on accurate, real-time data.

For example, a homeowner may want to know the optimal time to water their lawn or garden. By using Ambient Weather’s soil moisture sensors and other weather-related products, they can access hyper-local data that allows them to make informed decisions. Similarly, professionals in agriculture can use this information to optimize their operations and increase their chances of success.

Ambient Weather has a variety of products in development, including new weather station displays, accessories, and sensors. They are also hoping to release a solar-powered, Wi-Fi-enabled camera that can provide real-time weather information. Their flagship product, the WS 5,000 weather station, has been on the market for two years and continues to be a popular choice for individuals and professionals.

In conclusion, having access to hyper-local weather information is vital for making informed decisions, whether you are a homeowner, farmer, or professional. Ambient Weather has been a reliable and accurate source of weather-related products and services for over two decades, and they continue to innovate and develop new products to meet the ever-changing needs of their customers. To learn more about their products, visit their website at or


So ambient weather’s been around since 1998. Okay. And you’ve been part of the weather underground or underground now? Yep. For many years. In fact, I think as you were saying earlier, at one time, like 70% of all the weather stations that were out there were ambient weather stations, right?
Yeah. They used our software, or it was our physical hardware, sending the data to am weather underground and. Most of the majority, 70% were at one point either using our software or our hardware to get there. Yep. So one of the things and this goes back to, I have a group of guys that I get with in the morning when I’m home, and fortunately I’m the young one of all these people yet, but weather is always a topic. And one, one person will say, Hey, I got three point, four inches of snow over here. And the other guy will say I got eight inches over here. And then the case, the official weather station for our area is reporting 2.4.
So why is it important for us to have, whether where we’re at and the information that we have? Can you gimme a couple case samples as to why that’s important? Sure. Absolutely. Whether you’re just an average homeowner who’s wanting to have the weather so you can make decisions for your own irrigation on your lot, on your yard, or whether you’re looking for larger.
Taking steps up to, hey, just have a garden, right? We have soil moisture sensors, we have things like that, hyper-local, right? Is one of the terms that we use. Whether you’re agricultural, a application of farm, whatever it may be, you can use that data, whether it’s your goal is to be conserve, right?
Conserve water serve resources, or whether it’s just, Hey, what’s the best time? Cut the grass, what’s the best time to cut the hay? Whatever it may be. You can have that hyper-local information that nobody else can give you, right? You can’t turn to any TV channel if you’re 25 miles an hour from their weather station and they’re gonna tell you they’re perfect, right?
They’ll give you an idea. But the old adage, don’t just stick your finger in the air, lick it, stick it in the air and try to get the idea of ah, it’s time to do whatever. You can get that hyper-local data, whether it’s on our consoles, whether it’s in your app and you can access that data wherever you may be.
Any new products coming out. We have lots of products, I’ll say in the funnel. We have some new weather station displays. We have some new accessories, some new sensors that we’re hoping to get out in 2023. Okay. We’re hoping to have a wifi and solar powered camera at the very least, maybe a cellular version that would be if we can do that would be awesome.
Okay. Hardware wise our top of the line unit, the WS 5,000 here. That’s only been out about two years, so we’re hoping that continues to grow and that’s our flagship at this point. But and then hoping to add accessories and additional features for now. And where do we find more information about ambient weather?
You can go to our website if you’re looking to buy something, ambient Ambient is our Weather network. You can access that or Ambient Weather Network. You can access it. Pull up your specific location. Look at your hyper-local weather. And start making those weather decisions.
I appreciate your time, jj. Yeah. This is Marlo Anderson, your guru of geek at CES 2023.

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